Lifting a River Cottage

This is a project you do not see everyday. The existing structure was originally built in the 1800’s on the banks of the James River. When it was moved to its current location it was set directly on the ground, not on a foundation. Over time the flooring system had almost completely rotted away. The house was lifted to a height of 5’ 6”. We then came in and dug and poured new footings. Masonry piers were installed around the perimeter of the house and a new floor system was built on the new foundation. The entire house was then lowered back down onto the new foundation system. Pier footings were chosen due to grade and water drainage as the topography was somewhat steep. The exterior has since had new vertical siding installed as well as vinyl windows and new doors. The interior is being refinished by the homeowner and now the cottage will last for many more years to come!