Carriage House Renovation Crewe

This brick carriage house is part of the Oliver House in Crewe Virginia. The Oliver house is one of the largest houses in Crewe and is part of the historical registry. The garage was built on what is now an accessible alley. The town thought it would be torn down. The present homeowner liked the look and proximity of the carriage house for its easy accessibility to the main house. We demolished everything except the brick walls which we pointed up (repaired). We reframed the roof and altered the garage door opening to accommodate the sizing of today’s garage doors. The roofing material we used is a synthetic slate that looks like traditional slate without the weight. All the cornice is completely dine in extruded PVC material. We installed 3 new vinyl windows and incorporated a mosaic that the homeowner made on the front above the center garage door. Electricity was rerun out to the carriage house and 3 new carriage style insulated doors were installed with modern day openers.