Car Port

We build all types of carports, attached, stand alone, yard pavilions and more. Let’s face it your vehicle is the 2nd most expensive product you will purchase other than your home. Why wouldn’t you protect it and you from the weather daily? Our projects are designed to look like an original part of your home and not the unsightly aluminum carports that are on the market. We take great care in matching the shingles and siding on your home for a continual flow and aesthetically pleasing look for you and your neighbors

Midlothian VA

This attached carport is virtually maintenance free boasting a completely wrapped exterior and ceiling. The post and beam structure are covered in PVC coated aluminum. The siding is Alcoa XL55 vinyl siding to match the home. The ceiling has solid vinyl soffit so you will never need to paint this structure. We also installed new motion sensor lighting in the ceiling for the safety and security that coming home in the dark should come with. The roof system is a 40 year dimensional shingle including ridge vent and cap shingles which increase the life of shingles by providing convection under the roof decking to keep heat down. Finally seamless gutters and downspouts complete this project. …more

Chesterfield VA

This detached carport is a nice more economical alternative to a completely maintenance free design. We cut back the existing asphalt driveway and placed our pressure treated post on footings that were at a normal footing depth and then backfilled with gravel and a top coat of fresh asphalt. The structure was designed to fit the home owners new SUV and is a match to the existing home. Dimensional 30 year shingles will keep the vehicle from the weather. Vinyl siding on the gables and the ceiling along with wrapped beams and cornice work mean that any future owner will never have to paint. …more

Powhatan VA

This carport was built with 6 x 6 pressure treated posts, custom old world steel gussets, 2 x 12 beams and shingles to match the existing house and garage. The siding is dutch lap vinyl and the trim is aluminum to match the existing house. The carport also has a vinyl ceiling with access to additional storage space. …more