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RBM Remodeling updates to return in November

We will return to profiling RBM Remodeling projects again in November.

Some people have inquired about our job posts not being updated as they have in the past few years

Due to medical reasons that came to light earlier this year we have not been able to update our website.

Our business is still operating and providing the same customer service that we always have.

We still welcome an opportunity to meet with potential customers for new and ongoing remodeling projects.

Feel free to ask us if you are looking for a certain project type, we may have photos we can post.

Please use our search engine on the website and enter the keyword you are looking for at


Roger McClure

Website being upgraded!

Hello all and Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

We are currently doing some maintenance and upgrades to our website, so if you see something isn’t working correctly, just please check back!

Thank You for your Patience!