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Always use a contractor that pulls their own permits, if not the liability is on the homeowner

Any contractor that wants you to procure the permit for their work should be a red flag for you.

The reasons a contractor would want you to pull the permit could be:

They are working out of there licensing guidelines set forth by the state.

They do not have or cannot get a license. (i.e.- previously revoked for a multitude of reasons, have not passed or taken the state testing process).

Even though price is important these days, saving money by dealing with these type of contractors should be considered a risk at a minimum or even worse life threatening.

Here is an article from Chesterfield Co about a contractor that has not pulled a Permit for work performed.

For Immediate Release

Virginia Air Mechanical Generators Installation May Pose Risk

Date: January 05, 2012
Department: Public Affairs

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA –The Chesterfield County Department of Building Inspection has become aware of several instances in which local contractor Virginia Air Mechanical has installed gas-fired whole-house generators at residences in the county in a dangerous manner such that they present a hazard and substantial risk of property damage or serious personal injury to homeowners.

Inspectors have discovered electrical work that poses significant risk of electrocution, and propane gas installation defects that create a threat of fire and/or explosion. Building Inspection officials warn homeowners who have had work performed by the company not to use their generators until they are inspected for safety.

The county has requested records or information from Virginia Air Mechanical to identify all the locations where such work was performed so that the installations can be reviewed and inspected to determine if they are safe, but Virginia Air Mechanical has failed to provide that information despite several requests over the past two months.  Because permits were not obtained, the Building Inspection Department has no records through which it can contact these homeowners directly.

Chesterfield County is seeking a court-ordered injunction against Virginia Air Mechanical in an effort to obtain information about the location of gas-fired whole-house generators installed by the company. The injunction also would prevent the company from doing any work in the county pending further investigation of the company’s practices.

Virginia Air Mechanical was a trading name for Virginia Air Ducts, LLC. The owner of the company has advised that Virginia Air Mechanical has gone out of business and Building Inspection personnel have confirmed that Virginia Air Mechanical no longer has a state contractor’s license. The owner has provided the Building Inspection Department with a letter transferring all of Virginia Air Mechanical’s outstanding building permits to a new company, Superior Mechanical Services, LLC.

Anyone who has had work performed by Virginia Air Mechanical is urged to contact the Department of Building Inspection’s Citizens Assistance line at 748-1779 immediately.

Articles origin-

RBM project post will return Thursday 9/22/11

Due to Hurricane Irene and the post storm damage. We have been working on repairs and working with insurance claims adjusters. Now that the dust is settling our project updates will return soon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Roger McClure

Repost RBM Remodeling Solutions offers Hurricane Sandy repair services

Hopefully, You will not need our services during our current weather situation.

However should you experience any damage RBM Remodeling would like to remind people in the Central Virginia area that we will repair damages from Hurricane Irene as well as other storm damage.

RBM Remodeling is a Class A Virginia contractor.

We will work with your insurance company to get your home repaired as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Contact us  for a quick response.



Check Your Deck® Protect your family and friends!

Split or decaying wood:
Check several different areas of the deck to be sure the wood is still sound. This includes the ledger board (where the deck attaches to the house and a common source of deck failure), support posts and joists under the deck (if you can reach them), deck boards, railings and stairs. -Pay special attention to any areas that tend to remain damp, are regularly exposed to water, or are in contact with fasteners. Use a tool like an ice pick or a screwdriver to penetrate the wood surface. -If you can easily penetrate 1/4 – 1/2 inch, break off a sliver of wood without splinters, or the wood is soft and spongy, decay may be present. -This is also a good time to look for small holes in the wood, which may indicate insects.

Check Flashing:
Flashing is a metal or plastic guard that directs water out and away from sensitive areas. It’s often installed where the deck and house come together, keeping moisture and debris from collecting between the house and the deck’s ledger board. Be certain the flashing is sound and firmly in place. Consider adding or replacing flashing if you notice areas that are obviously allowing water to collect.

Fasteners include nails, screws or anchors in the ledger board. Tighten any loose fasteners, and pound in any nails that have popped up. (Note: The ledger board should not be fastened with only nails.) -If a fastener appears rusted or corroded, consider replacing it. A corroded fastener can cause deterioration in surrounding wood. -The deck or stairs should appear even without sagging and should not sway or move when tested.

Railings and banisters:
These should be secure. Push on them to be sure there is no give. Also, check to be sure they are high enough (most codes require a 36” high railing and usually encourage 42” high railings) with rails no more than 4” inches apart (measured from the inside of the rails) to keep small children and pets from squeezing through. This is especially important the higher your deck is off the ground.

Check any railings or handrails to be sure they are firmly held in place; check also the risers and stringers to be certain they are securely attached and not decayed. If the area behind the stair treads is open, this opening should be no more than 4″ high.-Also, always keep stair pathways clear of planters, décor, toys and other items that can present a tripping hazard.

Cleaning and maintenance:
Clean away any leaves and debris, since these can be slippery and promote mildew. If mildew is present or the deck coating has worn away, make time to clean and apply a new waterproofing coating. It can help prevent the split, decayed wood and loosened fasteners mentioned earlier.

Check Your Deck® Protect your family and friends
These features can create a warm and cozy deck atmosphere, but make sure any source of fire or heat is safely placed away from flammable surfaces or that the deck surface is protected by a non-flammable pad.

Always use caution and follow manufacturers’ directions.

Lighting and electrical:
Be sure all lighting is working; clean any light covers to allow maximum light to shine through, and trim any plants or tree limbs that may be blocking light. If you don’t have adequate lighting, there are a lot of great new deck lighting products you could consider to illuminate your steps and pathways. Be sure all electrical outlets, appliances and features are up to code, in good condition, and childproof if children are present. Watch that any electrical cords do not present a tripping hazard.

Outdoor Furniture
Test all outdoor furniture to be sure it is sturdy. Avoid placing seating right at the edge of the deck. If you have a swing or hammock installed, test the chains and ropes to be sure they are secure. Consider installing childproof latches on any storage boxes and benches.

Be sure to keep all deck related chemical products stored safely away from children, including BBQ lighter fluids, matches, cleaners, etc.

Surrounding trees:
If you have trees overhanging your deck, make certain there is no danger of decaying limbs breaking free and falling from trees surrounding the deck.

Photo Courtesy of NADRA Member: Simpson Strong-Tie

RBM Remodeling is pleased to announce our partnership with Sunspace Sunrooms

RBM Remodeling is pleased to announce our partnership with Sunspace Sunrooms . During our recent trip to The Remodelers convention we met many vendors and and decided to expand our existing 3 season room offerings and utilize Sunspace 4 season room designs within our current Custom Florida Rooms and Addition plans for a custom look with the engineering that is required for wind loads by local building codes that traditional framing will not provide.

One of the new product that we will be showcasing is the Weathermaster Vinyl Sliding Panel System

Style, safety and flexible designs are the cornerstones of the WeatherMaster Vertical Window System. Made in three colors and specifically designed for porches, screen enclosures or even gazebos, the WeatherMaster system is easily installed and can convert any of these areas into your favorite three season room in the house. The guide tracks allow smooth operation, opening each window up or down for up to 75% ventilation. These virtually maintenance free units are all custom made to fit your openings exactly and come with a 10 year warranty against factory defect.




 Enclosures are an economical way to expand the usefulness of your recreational areas. The WeatherMaster Window combines the open feeling of a screen room and the comfort and convenience of a patio room. With the WeatherMaster window you get the safety of tempered glass and the convenience of tint at no extra charge.

The WeatherMaster Window System consists of the Vertical Four Track Window, the Horizontal Two Track Window, the Horizontal Four Track Window and the Vertical Four Track Entry Door. For a list of the many benefits to each all you need to do is select one.
There are many product to fit your sunroom and porch needs offered by Sunspace and RBM Remodeling Solutions so contact us today for a free estimate.

RBM Remodeling is now an accredited member of the BBB


RBM Remodeling is now an accredited member of the BBB. After years of being in business we have now decided to become an accredited member. The Better Business Bureau mission and values as posted on their website:

Mission and Values


Our Vision:
An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.Our Mission:
BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. BBB accomplishes this mission by:

  • Creating a community of trustworthy businesses
  • Setting standards for marketplace trust
  • Encouraging and supporting best practices
  • Celebrating marketplace role models, and;
  • Denouncing substandard marketplace behavior

BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors – integrity and performance. Integrity includes respect, ethics and intent. Performance speaks to a business’s track record of delivering results in accordance with BBB standards and/or addressing customer concerns in a timely, satisfactory manner.

BBB ensures that high standards for trust are set and maintained. We exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. We provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible.  

BBB Accreditation is an honor – and not every company is eligible. Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to join BBB. Businesses meeting BBB standards are presented to local Boards of Directors (or designees) for review and acceptance as a BBB Accredited Business. To read more about our Accreditation Standards, click here.

All BBB accredited businesses have agreed to live up to our Principles for Trust. Our Principles for Trust are a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices focused on how businesses should treat the public – fairly and honestly in all circumstances.

BBB does not compare businesses against each other, but rather evaluates businesses against our standards – and our standards clearly speak to the character and competence of an organization.

BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Our network of national and local BBB operations allows us to monitor and take action on thousands of business issues affecting consumers at any given time.

BBB is your key advisor, most reliable evaluator and most objective expert on the topic of trust in the marketplace.

Our Values
To accomplish our mission, we commit to the following values to guide all of our decisions and behavior, with each other and with all those we serve:

Strive to do our very best. Be accountable to the general public, our members, and to each other for everything we do. Commit to providing the highest quality service with excellence and consistency everywhere we operate.

Be honest and ethical in all of our business activities. Treat everyone with integrity, keeping our promises and learning from our mistakes. Have the courage to hold fast to our professional convictions.

Communicate, cooperate and collaborate freely across organizational and territorial boundaries, and work as one team to fulfill our mission.

Trust in our colleagues throughout the BBB system and in ourselves. Say what we mean and mean what we say. Communicate with honesty and candor.

Treat everyone with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. People are our fundamental asset. We will empower them to develop and use their talents and capabilities to the fullest.


Example of replacement window installation

Before photo of a poorly maintained wood window.
Before photo of a poorly maintained wood window.
Photo showing rotten sill area and brickmold that will beed to be replaced.
After photo of newly installed replacement window.

Our windows are tax credit certified and are custom made to field determined sizes. Vinyl replacement windows take approximately 10 days – 2 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer. Windows depending on manufacturer come in many color options and may have as much as 8 different types of grid options, dual locks, night latches, full or 1/2 screens. This particular project has a white vinyl all welded construction which means no mechanical fasteners are used to fasten the parts and pieces of the frames together. Windows have a full screen and no grids. We first confirm the window size and remove the existing storm window and window sashes. All rotten wood is replaced around the opening as needed to ensure no hidden cosmetic or structural damage and have solid surfaces for the new window and trim to be mounted (note the sill on the 1st photo in this post as it is completely gone). Now we install the new window using shims, screws, insulation and caulking. Custom formed aluminum trim is then applied to the exterior window casing for a clad exterior. Cladding can be done in a host of different colors. We then caulk both the inside and the outside of the new window and trimming. Call us for a free quote as windows range greatly in price and  features are pretty consistant. DO NOT GET SOLD ON BRAND NAMES.