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RBM Remodeling Solutions, LLC is a small construction and remodeling company with the mission to satisfy each of our customers individually. I have been an owner of a multi-million dollar construction company for 10+ years. As that company grew, so did the distance between me and my customers. I have learned in order to keep my customers close, it is important to manage fewer projects at a time.
RBM Remodeling Solutions offers you and your construction project the time and attention to detail you deserve. I will oversee each construction/remodel project personally and you will have contact with me throughout your project. Your project will have a customized plan and will not include any cookie cutter kits. Your house is your HOME and I am here to help you IMPROVE it.

Sunspace porch panels installed at Lake Anna dock

Sunspace porch panels before and after photos of a maintenance free porch conversion and panel installation that we have completed in Lake Anna.

We removed the existing wood railings from this screen porch so that the columns and framing could be capped.

New framing members were added for mounting points for the new 3 season room panels.

Roof supports are 6 x 6 posts that were wrapped with aluminum trim coil.

Screen porch before photo


The porch panels are 4 track aluminum windows that are produced by Sunspace. http://www.sunspacesunrooms.com/

Sliding porch panels come in 7 different colors and 4 different glazing color options.

Completed Sunspace porch panel project
Completed Sunspace porch panel project

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